Flutter Press is open for submissions. 

1.  Submit an organized, edited manuscript of 18-30 poems, 6" x 9" layout, size 12 font (Perpetua, Garamond, Times New Roman, or Verdana), in Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx) along with a brief summary of the overall theme of the collection.  

The manuscript should contain in this order - the title page, acknowledgements, table of contents, dedication (optional), poems, and a brief author biography.  

Do not include any special formatting into your document such as tables or columns. Do not insert page numbers.

* Cover art and name of artist will be required further in the publishing process if the chapbook is accepted.  The art or photo should fit a 6" x 9" cover, be provided in .jpeg format, and be at least 300 dpi.  The cover art should be aesthetically pleasing; the editor reserves the right to refuse any and all covers that aren't.  If you need help locating cover art, Flutter Press will assist you.

2.  Send manuscript to FlutterPressEditor at outlook dot com.

3.  There is a reading fee of $10.00 for unsolicited manuscripts.  Click on the Buy Now button below to send your reading fee.  

4.  You may expect a decision within two weeks from the day of acknowledgement of submission.

5.  Flutter Press utilizes the print on demand services of Createspace and to publish all chapbooks. The press does not provide free author copies but authors may purchase personal copies with a generous discount of 50-60%% off the retail price. 

6. Chapbooks will be published on either Createspace and Amazon or, depending on the number of poems in the chapbook.  Only chapbooks published on Createspace will contain a Createspace assigned ISBN.  


CREATESPACE.COM/AMAZON.COM - For chapbooks containing 24 or more poems. Authors will earn a royalty payment of 26%-29% of the retail price of the chapbook if the book is purchased on Createspace.  If the chapbook is purchased on, the author will earn 16%-19% of the retail price (effective January 26, 2015).  Payments will be made through Paypal only.  This payment is made two months following the release of your book on/around the 1st week of the month and will be paid through the paypal email you provided when you sent in your initial reading fee.  


LULU.COM - For chapbooks containing 23 poems or less. Authors will earn a royalty payment of 26%-29% of the retail price of the chapbook for books purchased by third party individuals. Payments will be made through PayPal only. This payment is made one month following the release of an author's book on/around the 18th-21st of the following month.

**Chapbooks will be available for purchase through Createspace,, and also on Flutter Press' website. 


Chapbooks that continue to show zero activity or interest by the author or readers, after a period of 7 years, will be retired at the editor's discretion without prior notification. We feel this is the best option to maintain organization, efficiency, and to retain only those books that are the most beloved and requested, year-after-year. 

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